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Seeking Investment Opportunities & Strategic Partnerships?

Join forces with Urban Nomads and turn your passion into a reality.
Looking to tap into a thriving business that promises high growth potential in an exciting new sector? Transform your property into a dynamic hub that caters to digital nomads, professionals, and globetrotters alike.

No prior experience? No problem. The demand for recreational activities is now fueled by a specific segment of the travel market that seeks out authentic local experiences.

Thanks to the rise of affordable online reservations and the emergence of hotel aggregators, even mid-range to unrated hotels are now viable options for success.

So, what are you waiting for? Partner with us today!

Our Present Deals

A quick snapshot of I&P deals from the past

UrbanNomads I&P Advantage

Monthly cashflow

Guaranteed ROI

Tax Savings

Fractional Ownership

Smooth Transactions

Easy Tech Enabled Tracking.

Securities Investment

Membership Perks

How It Works?

Our operational model is quite straightforward


Project Transformation

Once the site is chosen, we work diligently to transform the space within 60 days, aligning it with Urban Nomads' coworking and coliving standards.


Project Identification

Our experts will recommend prime locations for Urban Nomad properties based on thorough market research and high demand.


Project Activation

After meeting our operational standards, we launch the site, providing you with consistent monthly returns.

A Smart Choice For Your Investment Portfolio

Comparative analysis of various available investment options in the market

Asset Class

Attracted Yield

Cash Flow

Low Volatility

Inflation Hedge

Capital Repayment

Membership Perk

Tech Dashboard 

Joint Venture 

Annual IRR


25% +



Private Equity


Mutual Funds


Real Estate


New Deals

A quick snapshot of I&P deals from the upcoming-Look Out

Investments Calculator

Calculate Your Returns On Your Investment with
Urban Nomads
Discover the power of your After a 3 month moratorium, payments to the investor are made on a monthly basis.

What does Urban Nomads Offer?

Coliving Comfort

Our functional living spaces are equipped with all the amenities you need for hassle-free living, including comfortable living units, a fully equipped community kitchen, and accessible laundry. Whether you need a place to stay for a few nights or a year, everything is included in one bill.

Coworking Collaboration

We design our workspaces to empower productivity and collaboration in a professional environment. Our space is tailored to those who work dedicated hours and seek to create a community of like-minded individuals, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and remote workers of all kinds.

Engaging Activities

At Urban Nomads, we understand that a memorable experience is created through engaging services and goods. That's why we offer closed-circuit events, workshops, and un-conference activities curated by our team. By promoting value in our members' lifestyles, we offer support to our strategic business partners.
  • How does the investment return work?
    Once the property is transformed and operational, the investor's return is tied to a specific percentage of the monthly revenue. Payouts to the investor are done on a quarterly basis, starting after an initial 3-month moratorium period.
  • Have there been any previous deals?
    Yes, we currently have 4 properties operating on this model, with investors earning upwards of 20% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) per year.
  • How often are payouts made to investors?
    Payouts to our investors are made on a quarterly basis.
  • What is the minimum investment amount and time period for partnering with Urban Nomads?
    The minimum investment amount is Rs. 25 lakh, and the lock-in period for this partnership is 5 years.
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